KJA offers induction courses for all newly employed Judges and Judicial officers to help them transition into a career in the Judiciary.

The mission of training is to assist judges and judicial officers in the performance of their duties by enhancing professional expertise, facilitating development of judicial knowledge and skills, including an appreciation of the social context of law, and promoting the pursuit of juristic excellence.

KJA performs its mandate in part through various training programs and seminars, public lectures, research, and other forms of discourses targeting all cadres of Judiciary staff, and where, appropriate, members of the academy and the public at large.

KJA prepares and implements an annual training calendar of various programs such as trainings, workshops, stakeholder engagements and seminars.

The training programs for each financial year are designed by the Training Directorate following a consultative process to identify needs and gaps as presented by judges and magistrates. The programs are approved by the Judicial Service Commission before implementation. The calendar contains the following programmes:

  1. Induction for newly appointed judges and magistrates to help them transition into a career at the Bench

  2. Annual Colloquiums provide an opportunity for all judges, and also separately for all magistrates and kadhis to meet and introspect on issues relevant to the administration of justice.

  3. Court Conferences: These are court specific for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, Employment and Labor Relations Court and the Environment Court. The conferences allow each court to retreat and discuss issues that affect the administration of justice within the confines of the court.

  4. Continuing Judicial Education sessions are held separately for judges and magistrates based on priority subject areas.

  5. Annual conference and training of Kadhis