Policy Development


KJA spearheads discussions towards the formulation of various policies for internal use within the Judiciary, and for the administration of justice.

The Judiciary is committed to stakeholder engagement as a means of enhancing effective administration of justice. The Kenya Judiciary Academy is the focal point for multi-stakeholder discussion on common concerns in the justice system, such as temporary injunctions, public interest litigation, poaching & environmental crimes management, legal responses to terrorism, human rights, etc.


Key Roles and Responsibilities of DDR & P include:
  • Providing strategic leadership and direction within the Policy and Research Unit;
  • Formulating and directing the design of multi-disciplinary research on the frontier and emerging issues on jurisprudence and other legal, policy and judicial issues;
  • Leading the development of linkages between research and policy;
  • Contributing to the development of the Institute Workplan for area or areas of policy expertise.
  • Researching, writing and developing a variety of reports and documents related to matters of jurisprudence, policy, guidance and standards, including papers for the Commission and its Committees.
  • Providing information and guidance to management on all policy and standards issues.
  • Monitoring policy, legislative and other developments relevant to judicial practice and the role of the Institute and identify any implications for the Judiciary.
  • Leading, managing, supporting and motivating Officers within the Policy and Research Unit
  • Overseeing the day-to-day work and workload of Officers within the Policy and Research Unit, and briefing the Director of the Institute on any significant issues.
  • Overseeing the implementation and use of the Institute’s Resource Center and the Judiciary’s library system;
  • Developing tools and processes to ensure high-quality research, policy advisory and capacity development;


  1. Strategic Leadership and Direction
  2. Multidisciplinary Research
  3. Linkages between Policy and Research
  4. Workplans
  5. Reports
  6. Policy and Standards issues
  7. Monitoring Policy and Legislative Policy impacting Judiciary
  8. Support and Motivation
  9. Workload
  10. Resource Centre and Judiciary Library system
  11. Tools and Processes for Policy and Research

Completed Policies

  • Training and Development Policy

  • Sexual Harassment Policy

  • ICT Policy

  • Sentencing Policy

Policies under Development

  • JTI Resource Mobilization Policy

  • Partnerships and Linkages Policy