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Hon. Justice Martha Koome, EBS
Chief Justice & President of the Supreme Court​​

Kenya Journeys Towards World Class Judicial Training

The ‘Social Transformation through Access to Justice’ Vision for the Judiciary identifies continuous education and training for judges, judicial officers, and staff as an imperative for the development of an inspired team of judges, judicial officers, and staff committed to excellence in the delivery of justice.

It is in this context that the Kenya Judiciary Academy (KJA) serves as the vehicle for promoting judicial aptitude and the quality of justice delivered by Kenyan courts. The KJA guides and supports the learning of judges, judicial officers, and staff towards improving justice procedurally and substantively. In the quest to turn Kenyan courts into “courts of excellence”, KJA uses judicial education to expand knowledge, build skill, improve court administration and judicial decision-making, and give effect to the foundational values and principles of the Constitution.

In addition, in discharging its research and policy development role, the Academy functions as the Judiciary’s “think tank”. It conducts empirical research and develops draft policies that examine court operations and proceedings with the aim of getting informed output that assist the leadership of the Judiciary and other policy makers to evaluate and modify current Judiciary operating procedures to improve the administration of justice.

The launch of this e-learning platform signals a new approach to Judicial training which maximises on the gains of technology. The 2020 pandemic has highlighted the need for a massive shift from face to face to interactive online training. Fortunately, progressive technological developments have completely changed the paradigm in continuous/lifelong training, including judicial training. E-learning tools are becoming valuable game changers in education and training owing to their enhanced flexibility, cost reduction and elimination of physical boundaries.

I remain committed to working with KJA’s excellent staff and the Director to ensure judges, judicial officers and staff have at their disposal, a wide range of educational opportunities and resources to fulfil their fundamental roles in providing justice to all within our borders.