What our leaders say

Hon. Anne Amadi
Former Chief Registrar Judiciary

The Office of the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary shares in KJA’s formerly JTI’s vision of a centre of excellence for judicial education and training of judges, judicial officers and staff. As the Accounting Officer of the Judiciary and Secretary to the Judicial Service Commission, my office will support KJA to achieve the mission of facilitating growth of jurisprudence and efficient administration of justice through delivery of judicial education, training, legal and policy research, and strategic partnerships.

We are eager to support KJA because the benefits of the Institute’s programmes and trainings are evident in the vast improvements that have been recorded in the quality and efficiency of our services to the people of Kenya. We therefore encourage all Judges and Magistrates to embrace Continuous Judicial Education and other training programmes that have contributed to these milestones.

Since its establishment 13 years ago, KJA has grown in leaps and bounds, thanks to the strategic partnerships it has entered into with numerous local and international partners that share its vision. We acknowledge this support and hope to deepen our collaboration with existing partners. We also extend an open-ended invitation to any other organization to join KJA in building the capacity and efficiency of the judicial sector in Kenya.