The Academy will collaborate with various institutions and partners in providing training in highly specialized areas both nationally, regionally and internationally. KJA works closely with several national, regional and international institutions in the delivery of its programs.

KJA partners with local government and non-government bodies to deliver courses on various thematic areas to judges and judicial officers. These include: The Witness Protection Agency, the Anti-Counterfeit Agency, etc.

At the regional level, KJA is a member of the East Africa Community Judicial Education Committee whose mandate is to foster close cooperation and collaboration in training between the Judiciaries of the member states of the East Africa Community. KJA currently holds the rotational chair of the Committee.

KJA also takes part in activities organized by The Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute, a global NGO which was founded to provide support and linkage among existing Commonwealth judicial education bodies and to encourage the sharing of information, human and fiscal resources inter-nationally and inter-regionally.

Some of Our Partners